Quarantine things

The world is kind of crazy at the moment, new information is coming out daily, both real and fake and you can’t escape hearing about corona at least once a day. It’s consumed most of our brains for the meantime, it’s difficult to focus on anything else so, here’s my attempt at focusing my energy into something good and healthy. I personally don’t think I’d live through something like this in my lifetime, I have the feeling a lot of people share that same mentality which is making this all slightly more difficult and unbelievable, I still don’t think it’s properly sunk in. I want to blog to share the changes in my day-to-day while we all adjust to this new way of living and learning while hopefully distracting from reality for a while. Saying that this post will be corona-heavy just so I can get it out of my system

I’m in my second week of social distancing/ quarantine/ self-isolation, whatever you want to call it. Now all my school work is online, I’m spending everyday at home with my family trying to just fill time. This has made me realise how much school was a distraction. It filled 6 hours of my day which I could spend with friends, spending at least 3-4 hours doing whatever I want and I took it for granted. Now I’m at home trying to find the motivation to do the minimal work I’ve been set so far. I used to complain about school, how much I hated it and I thought it was a waste of time but really, it gave me the opportunity to see most of the people I love with no effort what so ever and just spend time sitting doing nothing and God, I miss it so much. I miss being able to just talk to people face to face. Just being able to go and find who I wanted to see. However, I’m still in touch with people who make my life amazing and it’s different talking to them over text or house party and it’s not making me insane quite yet!

A painting I made of my Auntie

I have found myself finally doing some art for fun. For the longest time I’ve struggled finding the effort to finish a piece for myself, I put all my effort into my school art and not really just for fun so I lost quite a bit of creativity. Already I’ve finished 2 paintings, one as a gift, I’ve played about with different materials, practised more with palette knives, texture annnd tried an acrylic pour: all in 2 weeks. Although they aren’t perfect by any means, it’s nice to just sit and paint with no stress or perfection in mind. I also want this to become an outlet again for me, probably focusing more on my art and things I enjoy without putting too much pressure on every post being perfect and important (which I think caused me to stop a while ago) when my life isn’t that interesting! I guess this long break has already taught me a couple of lessons which is refreshing.

I was wondering what you guys are doing during quarantine? Are you picking up old hobbies or making new ones? Feel free to message me to let me know!

Talk again soon,

Zoe :))