I kinda did a thing…

What a surprise, I’m bored so I dyed my hair.

I’ve recently been dying my fringe a spectrum of colours since November and because of quarantine and no school, it’s now bright red. I used the dye ’crazy colour’ in vermillion and I am SO happy with the colour. Before this red, my hair was a dark ginger so I thought the colour would be a bit murky and I would have to bleach my hair again but I was very wrong! The red is so gorgeous and bright and even covered my dark roots and gave it a slight gradient. I would recommend this hair dye to anyone who wants huge colour payoff that’s cheap and reusable. My main struggle with hair dye is you can only use it once and I usually have so much waste because I’m not dying my whole head. I find that it’s a lot of money to only used 1/3 of the dye. This dye comes pre-mixed in a bottle and you can use it however often you want which is really handy. I definitely think this is the best colour I’ve had so far! Bright colours are definitely more my style and I’m so happy I didn’t have to wait until summer to try it. I guess good does come out of quarantine.

I’ve also learnt how to Dutch braid. As I couldn’t even French braid and honestly struggled with a tight normal plait, I am very proud of myself. This, of course, leads me to sport a Dutch braid pretty much every day and, I’ve learnt how to do cornrows on my sister’s hair. I found it’s just very tight Dutch braids using smaller sections so, hours have been spent on their hair too (I should start charging!) it’s impressive how much you can learn just by setting your mind to it and with an abundance of time. I have also definitely won the ’best hairstyle’ for the first day of school ( sorry mum )

To fill the time further, my dad and I have been baking. So far we’ve made apple cake, Apple crumble, two types of bread, pineapple and coconut cake, banana bread and easter baskets- bake off here we come! It’s nice to get the whole family involved and enjoy a tasty treat at the end of the night knowing you’ve made it. Although we’ve had a couple issues with density and missing flavours I’m glad to say everything we’ve made has been edible and very yummy (even if they don’t turn out how we envisioned it). I’ve always loved to cook and bake so being able to grow and improve on that has been really fun but, fighting for flour has made us improvise a couple of recipes with pancake mix- turns out it works pretty well.

Apart from baking, I’ve learnt how to make sushi too. I am a massive fan of asian food and I always crave it so, I got some sushi rice and nori sheets and I’ve been practising. The first time I made cucumber maci and vegetable gyozas which were delicious, the batter was slightly too thick on the gyozas but delicious nonetheless. The second time I attempted making red pepper and cucumber California rolls and, although they were slightly messy, I still count them as success. Count my sushi cravings fulfilled!

How do you fill your time at the moment? Are you learning anything new? Challenge yourself.

Zoe :))