Isolation art

Hello, hello! I had previously mentioned that quarantine is making me feel more creative, it is giving me more time to sit and create random art without the restraints of coursework or perfection. Art is a big part of my life, my main hobby, the course I’m taking at A-level and I realised I hadn’t talked about it here which is odd to me, I normally can’t shut up about it! So, here is some of my favourite pieces I’ve made during quarantine and some just before all this kicked off:

I finally got around to finishing this piece I made of Dominic Harrison aka YungBlud which I started a couple of months ago. This was the first time I had properly tried a black and white monochrome painting and I really like how the slightly different shades add dimension and tone.

This is a painting of my baby cousin Darcy which I made for my auntie. Here I discovered how difficult blonde hair is! I put a lot of pressure on myself with this piece as it was a gift, I am critical about certain parts of the tone and colours that don’t quite match realistically but I’m still happy with the outcome and I believe my auntie is too.

I have previously used palette knives in some of my artwork to create texture, especially in the hair but, in this piece, I created the entire portrait using palette knives. I found it challenging to add detail and to keep in proportions at A4 size but, the texture it added and freedom palette knives give in contrast to brushes was really fun to try out. I used a photo of my younger sister Jessica from a photoshoot we did for my photography coursework.

Earrings! I have a slight obsession with random crazy earrings and I’ve had a bag of mini people- randomly – with no idea what to use them for. With hot glue and old jewellery set from our auntie Lisa, I turned a handful of these little people into creepy dangly earrings for myself!

I’ve seen a lot of people recently bleaching their jeans or their clothes so, I thought id give it a go. I didn’t want to completely ruin these jeans if it went wrong so, I did a small design on the back pockets of a happy and sad face expecting the bleach to turn out a brown/orange colour. the bleach worked really well and came out more white which I was so pleased with.

I tried out some animal portraits too, making one of my bulldog Wilson and a present for our American friends Vic and Carol of their dog Daisy -Mae. I found that texture was my biggest enemy in these portraits, trying to make them look fluffy and furry was difficult but, I think it turned out alright.

I have a couple more paintings on the go at the moment (one is a secret birthday gift) which I can show you once they’re complete. I don’t think I’ve ever made this much art in such a small amount of time. I’ve just been told I have to start my art and photography coursework at home so I’ve brought some more supplies and sketchbooks to start and I’ve been wracking my brain for some ideas too. I want to keep making my own art on the side of this coursework but I need some ideas of what or who to paint (if you’ve got any, let me know).

Zoe :))